Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The information collected on this site is for the useful purpose of GridironTouch to create a section of listings for those that this website is intended for. In order to submit a listing you must provide your name, your role in the event that you are listing, and your email. Please be advised that this information is only collected to stay in contact with you about your listing and the future of its relevance. We do not publish your name, email, or your position in the event. We publish only details about the event.

At the time, we do not monetize our content and we do not have any advertisements running. If this is to change, we will update this page with information about how we monetize our content. The only source collecting information is your website browser, such as cookies. Cookies are temporary files stored in your browser to create a faster and friendly experience for the user of the website. We do not collect cookies elsewhere, nor do we sell or share this information with anyone.

You may notice that the connection for this website currently says "Not Secure". Do not be alarmed, this means that you should not put your credit card information on this website. No where on this website do we ask for payment or credit card details, so your information is safe. If we do begin to accept payments, we will be sure to update our policies after implementing an SSL certificate establishing the "Secure" connection over the web browser.

Terms of Use

GridironTouch is an online platform designed for those who participate in the sport of American football. We encourage players, coaches, fans, and people around the neighborhood to look for upcoming leagues, tournaments, or camps to participate in. When using this website, you may see events that you are already familiar with. We currently do not charge any fees to submit an event listing. This is subject to change. If we make changes to our policies and you have already submitted a listing, we will contact you.

Listing submissions are not automatically added to the list of that particular event. We must first review your submission and ensure the event doesn't already exist. If we are at a state of uncertainty about your listing, we will ask you for more information or further proof of existence. If we are still at a state of uncertainty about your listing, we have the right to refuse publishing your listing. If your submission is declined, we will return to you with a reason as to why it was not accepted, and what to do if there is a still a chance to be accepted.