About Our Platform

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Founded in February 2020

GridironTouch is an online platform designed to help American football players continue their love for the game. While the majority of football programs take place during the fall season, we want to encourage players to find another league, tournament, or camp to keep them fresh and in the game year-round.

The idea that came to mind was that athletes can participate in the game more often if they have a resource to help them find upcoming events near them or close enough for them to travel to.

We started out with leagues and tournaments, then quickly came to realize that camps are a very popular football event, focused on skills, so we added camp listings to our platform.

There are a few other websites with football events, but we noticed that they lacked both quanity and quality, with outdated events, broken or dead links, and a short list of upcoming events.

While we can find and add upcoming events all day, we wanted to encourage the community to participate so we developed a feature for people to submit upcoming leagues, tournaments, and camps, free of charge.

As this site continues to grow and reach more people who love the game of football, we will be adding new features a long the way. We see this platform becoming a resource for players, coaches, organizations, and fans in more than one way!

We Strive to Be a Solution

For a lot of us, football is brought into our lives at a young age. We then grow an attachment to the sport and it becomes our passion. A lot of us want to turn our love for the game into a career and play for a long time.

GridironTouch Logo

Unfortunately, only 7% of us will be able to keep playing at a competetive level after high school. So what do the other 93% of us do?

GridironTouch strives to help the other 93% continue playing the game, whether they find a local tackle or flag football league, or search for the next tournament to sign their team up for.

We also want to encourage football camps for youth players and adult players if applicable, we totally understand if your coach doesn't want you getting injured during the off-season. Your best alternative is a football camp!

Women's football leagues have started to grow all over the country, we make sure to include women's leagues and tournaments in our listings!